God must have wanted to update his dictionary, and while redefining the word beautiful, he created you”



I have written a hundred poems
In a hundred days,
And I have sat back
And read them through all the way.

But none is as overwhelming as the thought of you
The smile of you
And the sight of you.

I love to watch you dance.
You sway like Akeredolu Orente Iya Bata
Your soft fingers
Dances gracefully on the string of the acoustic guitar
Killing the genes in my bone marrow

You are like the autumn
That leaves the atmosphere longing for more.
An intoxicating wine
A reaction that has no law.

Your imperfection is a perfection
God didn’t make any mistake while fashioning you
He was partial enough.

Let this hour be the beginning of something new
Take a chance on me!
Heavens know I am worth the risk.

David Olowoeyo 2018

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