People fall most times because they failed to include the chances of loosing in their plans.

Life isn’t a bed of roses, neither is it anything like it.

Everything can’t always work just as you planned or wish, (nature can’t always favor you) because you aren’t the only one planning, you aren’t the only one working, you aren’t the only one with that dream, wish and ambition. Others also have theirs too, and they want it to be fulfilled just like you.

As you move, others also move, as you work others even work harder, and nature isn’t partial, and it won’t start being partial on your case.

I have grown to realize that in life we are always on a queue. If it’s our turn, we say we’ve succeeded, others would say ”it’s a miracle” but if it’s yet to be so, we would say we’ve lost it again! It’s then you will see people praying like there’s no tomorrow, rebuking every spirit of their fathers house, some would even conclude that they are unfortunate.

And all these happens because people fails to include the plan of loosing in their plans, they are selfish enough!

So buckle up right now, stand up! to live is to plan.

If it’s a job you are looking for, include the chances of you not getting that job.

If it’s a wife you are searching for, include the chances of she not accepting your proposal.

Always have a plan ”B” never run out of it, because it is your escape route, and it makes life more easier.

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