*The truth in our lies*

images (14).jpeg

In piles of file
Is buried your lies
Like pack of lice
They take their flight
The reason is nice
But it won’t suffice
For the truth in the lies
Would be seen as ice
To regulate the precise
That consist of lies

Like you say to yourself
Its ending here
But the preceding lie itself
Forces you there
And you say again to yourself
I’m stopping here
But the preceding lie itself
Pushes you with care
And you stand there in fear
In awe of what might happen next
This is the truth in our lies.

Lie never wins but comes first
In most cases it starts a new quest
But one day, the truth will be ripe to harvest.

Let your yes be yes
For it reduces your stress
Causes you no distress
Your words needs no caress
Your being needs no harness
Your feelings needs no arrest
Your conscience be itself
Your heart beats in check
You live fine as you
That’s not a lie, it is the truth
The truth in the lies we are living


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