I can’t just explain why I love this girl so much. Maybe it’s because of her creative, informative, interesting and inspiring pieces of writings.

Sometimes, I want to bring her closer to me, and place a perfect kiss on her forehead. “don’t get it twisted”

Here she dropped again a thoughtful piece of poem, that relates and talk deeply about Nigeria.

Should Nigerians celebrate, eat, drink and play around whenever they add a year to their independence? Or sit down to reason, and seek for a better way out of their predicaments?



*Awake Nigeria!!*
The great land of beauty
A dear native land with nature’s endowments
A land of sages
Known for bravery for ages
It’s culture none can beat
The Giant of Africa

*Awake Nigeria*
Today we celebrate the birth of the Nigeria nation
1st of October
We celebrate ourselves
We remember the labour of our heroes past
Fire works, Flags and Parade.

We honour this very day
We celebrate years of peaceful coexistence among diverse people
Whatever cast or religion.

All lived here in unison

*Awake Nigeria*

Nigeria is another year closer to her dreams
Today we celebrate our patriots
We bow our heads to the brave ones who fought the battle of our past
And the great generations we -dedicate our future to

*Awake Nigeria!!*

Amidst troubles,
Count your blessings
With war in the past and strife at present.

We hold strongly to our sovereign freedom
To uphold that honour and glory
Of a people differed in tribe and tongue
With great vision and lofty heights attainable
We can still progress if we strive honestly
And put down load of corruption and greed
For it’s safer, to be on guard.

_Declaration of independence is a time not only to reflect on Nigeria’s founding but also to look at the nation’s values and recommit oneself again to those ideals_

I think this’ just perfect. And she’s very right, Nigerians should recommit themselves to their past ideals, maybe they would get it right.



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