Hello Nigeria,
You are fifty-four and need to be celebrated,
She answered, nothing to celebrate,
Why! She said I’m *stagnant,*
I’m motionless and still,
I lack progress.

I asked, but u weren’t born by it?
Yes, I wasn’t born to be stagnant but those who ran my affairs were either repugnant or demented.

I weep for my state,
Now in a putrid state,
Governed by set of gluttonous, and corrupt personalities.
Nigeria can’t crawl at the age of 54,
when we talk of economic stability and good governance,
Yet these hypocrites are ready to spend trillions of naira for celebrations.

We count our blessings,
But a stagnant polluted state we are,
Yet moving to uncertain destination,
Crawling in the corridor of underdevelopment,
Wallowing as old as the country for survival.

The cabals injecting the country are still there making sure the country remains crippled,
Detriment of their self interest and greed for power,
Leadership has now become a thing of chieftaincy in my able country,
God save Nigeria from the prison it find itself from inception.

As a passionate citizen,
I want to believe their is a solution to this menace which is change in our political orientation,
A changed to better political ideology comes with a different governance.

let not lose patience with the realities on ground.
There are indeed better days ahead.

God bless my country! God bless Nigeria!


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