I was at the river bank
Watching the beautiful art works of sango olukoso
Striking thurnders
Like fireworks
When I heard your beautiful voice
Singing Ewi
of two lover birds.

Your voice is sweeter than Asaro Koko.
Smoother than Iyan Isu.
And warmer than Aro Gari.

You are Orekelewa, Awelewa. Obenbe.
Your beautiful curve is a killer one.


Sango Olukoso has led me to you this evening.
Let Ifa take the wheel
And do his will

© David Ayo Olowoeyo



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When I was eight my mother said to me
Down on her sick bed where she was shivering.
The world is a war room,
stand erect,
And don’t live with guilt.
Make money
And be the man I wished for,
But never had.

I took to the part
And started walking
Using the foolishness of my dad as a lesson.
And of cause for ones
He was useful.

And here I am
Standing as a success
And the man she wished for
But never had.

In a world too heartless and civilized
For a woman like her.


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When I turned my back
and walked away from her,
after she’s spite to my face
words that hurts my heart.
I know deep within me,
that there is still a place for her,
Somehow; somewhere,
I couldn’t identify.

But I took to my stand
– and never stopped walking.
Carrying my past on my back
Like a school bag,
And saying ‘hi’ to every chance that crosses my path
With a little mix of regrets.
And a little touch of hope.

David Ayo Olowoeyo 2018